SPOG History

SPOG – In The Beginning

2CVGB SPOG was launched in 1994, with the aim, ‘To keep 2CVs where they belong – On the Road!‘ This aim has been extended to include all A-Series. In 2016, the club decided to make SPOG its own trading company and in May of that year 2CVGB Parts Ltd T/A SPOG (a wholly owned subsidiary of 2CVGB Ltd) was born.

Parts Supplies

As it has turned out, many parts businesses, both at home, and abroad, have become deeply involved in sourcing and manufacturing spares for the 2CV and its family. There are also a number of repair sections available. It is now easy to buy parts which, only a few years ago, were almost impossible to obtain.

Where SPOG fits in

Not everything can be done by the parts factors. This is where SPOG comes in – as a safety net. Where it is commercially unviable to produce and sell a part, SPOG will take responsibility for it. Between us, we should be able to take care of things.

Keep us Posted

SPOG also acts as a parts monitoring body. To do this, we rely on information from every source possible – Citroën’s own parts lists, the independent suppliers, 2CVGB’s Registers, and, ultimately from you! If you have a problem, let us know! We can either tell you where you need to be, or try to do something about it, by contact with our 2CV friends overseas, by consultation with the trade, or by setting up the re-manufacture of the part ourselves.

It’s up to You!

We can’t do anything if you don’t tell us about it! At the same time, you may have solved the problem on your own – if so, tell us about that too, so that everyone can benefit! We’re living in exciting times! Use our contact form or email spog@2cvgbparts.co.uk

2CVGB Spare Parts Organisation - SPOG