Dyane bonnet grommet (pair)

215392 Dyane bonnet grommet (pair)

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A fellow 2cvGB Member handed SPOG a packet which contained one new old stock example of the Dyane bonnet grommet AY 9 852 979 with a view to re- manufacture since these grommets were no longer available

These conical buffers are fixed along the bonnet’s front leading edge as shown in the accompanying catalogue diagram from a Citroen Parts Manual, although alternatively they may be positioned along the top edge of the chrome grille in earlier cars. Whatever the location of these grommets, their function is to cushion the bonnet’s movement in the vehicle concerned whilst the car is in motion, particularly when travelling across a bumpy road. With no cushioning buffers present there is every chance that the bonnet will eventually split/crack along its edge (potentially both sides) in the area around where the internal transverse bonnet re-enforcing strut is located.

SPOG 2cv Parts has invested in the necessary tooling to reproduce these grommets to Citroen’s original design, likewise duplicating the actual dimensions and shore hardness of the rubber. Citroen sold these grommets in pairs, therefore it was considered SPOG should market these items similarly.

Finally a little tip with regard to fitting these cone shaped rubber buffers. If one just pushes the pointed end of the rubber through the relevant hole in the bonnet and then pulls hard on the other side with a pair of pliers etc. there is the likelihood that grommet will rupture/split across its waist where it locates within the bonnet and be ruined. Better to immerse the grommet for a few minutes in freshly boiled water and also sparingly grease the fixing hole with a little Vaseline. Then quickly shake the grommet dry and push it home tail first into the appropriate hole on the bonnet. Continue with finger pressure on the head whilst gently pulling/tilting the pointed end of the grommet from the other. With a little careful manoeuvring, the grommet will find its way to where it needs to be.

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