2CV or Dyane Bumper plastic insert fixing kit

805501 2CV or Dyane Bumper plastic insert fixing kit

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SPOG 2CV Parts presents part number 7805501 – a stud inserts fixing kit for attaching 2cv and Dyane plastic strips to the painted bumpers (both front and rear) these being a standard feature of A Series vehicles during the 1960s. These plastic strips, produced in both grey and black, are also fitted to later cars as an optional extra. Located across the middle of bumpers, their intention is to hopefully offer protection from minor shunt damage caused by the likes of Paris parking.

Although the plastic seems to survive the passage of time, the mild steel fixing studs (five per strip) tend to rust/seize. This makes removal of the insert practically impossible for re-painting the metal bumper without having to destroy the fasteners. Likewise the securing bolts of the two end caps also seem to suffer a similar fate.

The fixing kit contains five stud insert plates with all the necessary plain/spring washers and nuts, everything manufactured from stainless steel. Please note the studs have a 5 mm thread as per original. Similarly the two accompanying domed Phillips headed bolts (again with a standard 5 mm thread) washers and nuts for the end caps are also made from stainless steel.

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