2CVGB Parts (SPOG) supplying specialised, rare or obsolete 2CV parts

Following the realisation in mid 2018 that SPOG could not survive financially in its current form, 2CVGB Ltd have been hard at work on an alternative way of funding the production of specialist spare parts which are so vital to keeping our cars roadworthy. It has been agreed that the SPOG Discount Units Scheme be wound up and instead financed by a yearly contribution from all membership subscriptions.

Although it was always made clear that the cost of 2CVGB members’ SPOG ‘investment’ was non-returnable (except in extreme circumstances). 2CVGB’s Treasurer will be writing to all DU holders to explain the situation, and invite all DU holders to apply for a full refund of their ‘investment’. There may be DU holders who have bought them recently (in the last 5 years or so) who feel they have had little value from the discounts offered – and it is important to the Committee that they remain happy 2CVGB members. There may also be members who have held them for many years, and had full (or no use) out of the discount scheme. All DU holders will be treated equally. Those members who decide not to apply for theei money back, we thank you in advance. Your money will stay in the Parts Company coffers and be used to continue financing ongoing projects.

In 2019 it is hopeful that 2CVGB Parts Ltd, will be fully e-commerce. This is a joint venture with 2CVGB Ltd, who will also be getting a brand new, up to date, state of the art website. More news on this as development progresses.

2CVGB SPOG (Spare Parts OrGanisation) was launched in 1994, with the aim:

To keep 2CVs where they belong – On the Road!

This aim has been extended from just 2CV parts to include all A-Series parts (including Dyane, Mehari, Ami, AK and Acadiane). In 2016, the club decided to make SPOG its own trading company and in May of that year 2CVGB Parts Ltd T/A SPOG (a wholly owned subsidiary of 2CVGB Ltd) was born.

The primary aim is to have 2CV parts (and other A-series parts) manufactured that are otherwise unavailable which would prevent A-series cars from being roadworthy plus:

  • SPOG supplies parts to assist with a potentially difficult procedure on an A-series
  • SPOG supplies parts to assist with the survival life of a particular component
  • SPOG considers remanufacture of parts when the parts presently available are not of an acceptable standard

If you are a member of the 2CVGB club then discounted prices are available to you. Not a 2CVGB member? Find out more at www.2CVGB.co.uk



2CVGB Spare Parts Organisation - SPOG for 2CV parts