SPOG Discount Units

How does the SPOG Discount Unit scheme work?

2CVGB Members automatically qualify for a 30% discount on SPOG prices, compared to the general public. Be sure to include your membership number when you order.

Not a 2CV member? Find out more at www.2CVGB.co.uk

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In addition to this, 2CVGB Members and UK Trade customers can buy SPOG Discount Units (DUs), which entitle them to a further percentage discount on all their future SPOG purchases. Please note overseas traders cannot join SPOG. This discount percentage increases with the number of DUs held, as follows:

SPOG Discount Units - 2CVGB member

Discount UnitsCost*% Discount applied

*N.B. The cost is double for Trade customers.

  • Only 2CVGB members and motor industry trade customers can apply for Discount Units.
  • A Discount Unit (DU) costs £12 currently (this will rise periodically with inflation).
  • You may hold any number of DUs up to a maximum of 10.
  • Each DU held gives a 2% discount off SPOG spares, up to the maximum possible discount of 20%.
  • DUs may be purchased at any time, in any number, so long as the maximum of 10 Units is not exceeded.
  • Thus, you may, if you wish, buy one a month for the next 10 months, or two every six months for the next two and a half years, or whatever arrangement suits you best.
  • Once purchased, DUs cannot be ‘cashed in’; YOUR MONEY IS NOT REFUNDABLE
  • *Members involved in the motor trade must pay double, in other words, 10 DUs will cost £240.
  • Please note overseas traders cannot join SPOG

So there you go, an investment for the future of your car, a nice present for a loved one, whatever you will…

To purchase SPOG Discount Units, you can buy them by post. Please download and print the application form then post it with a UK banker’s cheque, made payable to ‘2CVGB Parts Ltd’, to:

c/o Dan Fletcher
Oats Royd Barn
Halifax HX2 6RF

Download the SPOG Discount Unit Application Form (PDF) >>