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SPOG 2CV Parts 2CVGB News article – July 2018

This month the spotlight is on two additions to the SPOG range of products, both re-manufactured exclusively by 2CVGB PARTS Ltd. But firstly good news for all those of you who carry out your own repairs and maintenance on your A Series vehicles.

Yes, a normal complement of tools will suffice for most jobs on our cars however for certain tasks more specialised equipment is required if you don’t want to butcher things … and I don’t. That is why it was wonderful to see Graeme Seed and his wares back amongst the Trade Stands at Registers weekend on the Wirral. And what a fine 2cvGB Event that was, the weather on the Sunday was perfect. My thanks must go to the Cheshire Dragons for organising everything including the sunshine.

For those of you who do not know Graeme, may I tell you that he makes individual tools for working on A Series cars, many to his own personal design. Indeed having purchased several such implements over the years and again on Registers Sunday, I can truthfully say that without his expertise I would most certainly struggle with my own mechanical efforts.

The Ami/Acadiane/AK 400 bearing ring nut removal tool for operation either on the front hub or rear brake drum is a must if damage to retaining threads is to be avoided. Yes, you can bash this ring nut out with hammer and drift on such vehicles but if the threads become damaged … you’re stuffed because there are no new replacements of either. Indeed one of Graeme’s tools used here can prevent a considerable degree of heartache.

Consequently I would advise you to visit his website at and see what you fancy. Graeme tells me he is planning to be at our National in August, indeed my pre-orders are already in.

Now to the launch of the new parts within the SPOG range. First up I want to introduce you to the Dyane bonnet grommet Citroen Part Number AY 9 852 979 (or 5.420.480). As you can see from the diagram in the Parts Catalogue, these coned grommets fit (pull through) holes within the front edge of the bonnet and cushion it against the grille. On my Acadiane there are large round buffers (or should be) at both front corners of the bonnet for this purpose being available from Trade sources unless you tell me differently. Similarly smaller coned buffers (unobtainable until now) are located along the inside lip between the round ones.

Citroen sold these small coned Dyane bonnet grommets in sets of two. SPOG aims to do likewise. So for your grommet duo made to the correct Shore Hardness in comparison with the original, the packet of two, 900015 is priced at £4.50 including VAT to a 2cvGB Member with the usual SPOG discount terms applying. With no buffer grommets along the bonnet’s front edge there is every chance that a split will develop along the bonnet’s sides near the transverse re-enforcement bar.

Many of you will also be aware that SPOG sells refurbished wiper motors for the older 12 volt A Series vehicles. These motors are stripped down, cleaned, greased and re-assembled with the best second-hand parts we have to hand. However all these wiper motors, including the H van example, have one Achilles Heel namely the tiny spring & isolator connection which fits between the two brush arms. These springs rust/fail or the hook at the end of the isolator breaks off, both these tragedies causing the brush arms to become flail with the wiper motor stopping immediately as a result.

Therefore it was decided to remanufacture both these items to include making the isolator slightly thicker to hopefully ensure less likelihood of future breakage/failure. As a result all SPOG’s refurbished wiper motors (2cv, Dyane and Ami as per the photographs) have been stripped down again and the springs/isolators replaced with new ones. This will hopefully give reassurance as to the quality of what we are trying to sell. This does however increase the price of our wiper motors (900012) a little to a figure of £ 66.00 including VAT to a 2cvGB Member.

However I do know that many of you would prefer to service your own wiper motors. If this is the case and you would like to purchase these springs and isolators as a separate entity, we are offering the pair for sale at £7.80 to include VAT to a 2cvGB Member with the usual SPOG discount terms applying if you have invested in the scheme.

And finally I repeat it is my absolute intention to retire from SPOG at the 2cvGB AGM this coming August at our National in North Walsham. And sadly, as yet, nobody has contacted me with a view to becoming my successor. Indeed may I say that this is not a case of me to continue if nobody comes forward. No replacement and the whole business of SPOG, such as all the above, will stop. The future of 2CVGB PARTS Ltd is in your hands, not mine.

David Eden

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