Dyane striker plates pre 1973 rear (pair)

207122 Dyane striker plates pre 1973 REAR (pair left and right)

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Equivalent to Citroen Part Numbers AY 861-98G & AY 861-99D in association with aluminium up-turned handles for early Dyanes.

These plastic items are prone to sun-light degradation thereby becoming brittle to eventually break, particularly so if the actual catch on the door is not suitably maintained. Rear door strikers are at increased risk of damage because the lower metal peg corrodes splitting the plastic. Plus rear doors are not used as often as front ones with rear door catches therefore more likely to seize smashing the strikers.

SPOG’s white plastic strikers for rear doors are supplied with all new components. The lower metal peg is made from stainless steel so as not to rust damaging the plastic.

Please read all accompanying warning notices in this item’s photos before fitting.

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