Dyane front door sliding window channel (pack 2)

217192 Dyane front door sliding window channel (pair Left & Right)

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Equivalent to Citroen Part Numbers AY 961-72G & AY 961-74D

Original channel consisted on a rubber coating over an internal metal skeleton to provide rigidity and secured into position by several small self-tapping screws. Sadly the drain holes along the bottom edge allows water to get at the metal skeleton which then decays casing the rubber channel to deform and the glass window panes fall out.

The complete channel loop made by SPOG includes pre-formed handed corners. Made purely from hard and yet flexible rubber, this channel press fits into position with minimal need for extra fixings. Along the bottom edge are three sets of drain holes with associated niches in the external lip which will line up with the three gulleys in the window frame’s metal aperture if the channel is correctly/tightly fitted into the front lower corner. Then when the glass panes are replaced, the window’s button lock works as intended.

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