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2CVGB News article – SPOG October 2016

Show me please Taffy any new information which has recently appeared regarding 2cv head-lights. However, before I get into some elec-trickery, a quick update on SPOG as you’ll remember it was decided to split this off from the main body of 2cvGB Ltd. Our new trading arm, 2CVGB Parts Ltd is now “live” within Company’s House, its two Directors coming from the Committee of 2cvGB. Likewise, the Company has its own separate Bank Account with work now underway to build a web-site for this new venture including a “shop”. So many of the photographs which have entertained you over the years in our Magazine are hopefully to be seen again soon on the netty, towards the end of the year.

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2CVGB News article – SPOG September 2016

“Hey, Mr. Tambourine man, play a song for me” the lyrics of that infamous song written and performed by the legendary Bob Dylan although taken to No I of the UK Charts by the Byrds back in 1965. Now that’s history? And while Taffy is rattling his own tambourine and singing along, I’ll “beat the drum” about our cars’ rear brake drums.

If you have ever received an MOT advisory note or indeed a failure certificate regarding the state of the bearing in an A Series rear brake drum I know only too well how depressing this can be. Changing this bearing can be a most arduous task requiring specialist tooling in order to achieve a satisfactory result. But firstly one has to remove the brake drum to work on it. Continue reading 2CVGB News article – SPOG September 2016

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2CVGB News article – SPOG August 2016

Following on from last month’s SPOG Article to complete things, more information regarding A Series track rod end joints follows. But before Taffy asks “Are your balls round or oval?” just a note regarding the forthcoming 2cvGB AGM. It is my intention to re-stand as your SPOG Co-ordinator for the next two years. Although we now have SPOG trading in its own right separate from 2cvGB, our web presence needs upgrading with the ability to supply more detail of SPOG parts plus the creation of an online shop. Let’s hope we can achieve that if I am successfully re-elected. Continue reading 2CVGB News article – SPOG August 2016

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2CVGB News article – SPOG July 2016

As they say, one can wait at the bus stop for ages and then “hey presto”, two come along at once. And so it is with cracked fan pulleys. Here’s another one with serious damage that was recently discovered at TROY’s “No Expectations” Camp. Have you checked your car’s fan pulley yet?

And whilst we’re talking about 2cvGB meetings, I plan to be at Registers Weekend in the grounds of Princethorpe College along with the customary SPOG stand on the Sunday although it is not practical to bring along examples of all the bigger bits. Therefore if you want something specific, such as SPOG’s Dyane boot floor or a pair of rear inner wings, then please get in touch with me beforehand and I will try to fulfil your request. Continue reading 2CVGB News article – SPOG July 2016