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2CVGB News article – SPOG November 2016

Has the local Council learned about our new Company 2CVGB Parts Ltd? I say that because a new sign has appeared on a lamp-post just a few yards up the road from our house. Indeed Taffy couldn’t wait to get in on the act with Gill holding him up aloft. The things one does for 2cvGB eh?

Likewise in support of 2cvGB many local folk recently lined up on the Knavesmire with their cars as part of the York Historic Vehicle Group’s Annual Show. Several stalwarts of TROY are members of this Group too, meaning for some of us two car club evening meetings per month. On the Knavesmire it was a marvellous day weather-wise, clear blue skies etc and great to see our beloved A Series vehicles mix it with all the UK Classic Cars, not to mention the single Renault 4 also present.

Last month in my SPOG Article I described how I put black tape on my 2cv’s head-lights to act as “beam benders” when travelling overseas. An interesting call came in from Stuart who said his current 2cv (and previous cars too) has fittings on the back of the head-light globe which allow the bulb to be re-positioned for foreign travel. Quite right, some cars do have this mechanism negating the use of black tape as pictured. But sadly my 2cv doesn’t, hence the alternative. I did have such adjustable head-lights on my car but unfortunately dropped one of the globes (tinkle, tinkle glass all over the floor) when completing this bulb manoeuvre and now resort to the tape approach with less chance of doing any harm. Allegedly!

Both my Dyane and Acadiane do not have this swivel head-light bulb mechanism either on their globes. However, I have personally learnt to leave well alone here anyhow because, as many Dyane owners can confirm, levering out the globes from the plastic shells can damage the white nylon cups which hold the globes in position for MOT success. Agreed SPOG supplies new cups, but it isn’t the easiest of jobs to replace them with having to remove the actual shell from the front wing in order to work properly. So why bother unless out of necessity because of a defunct bulb? I wouldn’t try even if my Dyane or Acadiane did possess head-light globes where the bulb could be rotated. Too great a risk of causing damage, thus I stick to some black tape, no pun intended.

I received further feed-back via e-mail from Keith who has similarly bypassed the two relays (applicable to the dim-dip system) on one of his friend’s later 2cvs thereby avoiding trouble with the light control switch on the steering column. But as Keith so rightly points out, if one is going to upgrade the headlight bulb from the standard 40/45 Watt to the brighter 55/60 Watt Halogen example, then it’s advisable for a relay to be wired in accordingly. The Halogen bulb draws much more current through the light switch and may ultimately burn it out. The addition of a relay within the electricals offers protection against the risk of such damage.

So having bypassed the dim-dip system on my own F reg 2cv, my next task (when I find out how) is to fit a relay into the system so that the more intense Halogen bulbs can be fitted. As I do this I’ll be using my camera again as instruction for a future SPOG Article. Thanks to both Stuart and Keith for making the effort to expand on what I have previously written, that’s how we learn more about our cars.

And finally may I tell of another heartening story involving the restoration of a Dyane using SPOG panels. Mike and Ursula’s Dyane was one of the first cars to benefit from SPOG’s re-manufactured Dyane rear inner wings during its rebuild. And what a result! As you can see from Mike’s photographs, this car has been magnificently restored to recently feature on the front cover of Augusts’ Classics Monthly (with a more detailed article inside) a glossy periodical for all classic car enthusiasts. If ever there was a reason for SPOG’s existence then please look at what has been achieved here. Congratulations to those Members of 2cvGB who originally set up the scheme and likewise those who have since invested in SPOG discount Units. Be proud everybody including Mike and Ursula, your Dyane looks amazing.

David Eden