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2CVGB News article – SPOG May 2017

That was the week that was, or rather the weekend. Very many thanks to all those 2cvGB Members who came along to the Classic Car Restoration show at the NEC in Birmingham and visited the 2cvGB Stand. As said last month, part of our display was SPOG orientated with those folk manning the Club Stand all wearing 2CVGBPARTS Ltd promotional T Shirts.

As you can see Taffy is proudly wearing his, although he did actually feature on the T shirt itself. Wonderful stuff, thanks Simon (he of Club Shop fame) for organising this. Also may I extend my gratitude to Mark (Mr. Equipment) for arranging all the photographs of the SPOG Parts on display and likewise John for his help with transportation.

A specific mention too for Calvin, our Secretary, who arranged the whole shebang to include the late substitution of his own Dyane with boot-lid raised throughout the Show in order to give the SPOG display credibility. Yes, three long days talking about A Series cars to passers-by was tiring but as I was stationed at the nearby Ibis Hotel, within short walking distance, this experience was not unmanageable and in truth, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

So what of the actual show itself? Not all pristine, high gloss cars on display by any means. Some vehicles were “as found” probably in a barn/field somewhere, rusty hulks waiting for somebody’s love and attention to restore them, much like some of our cars that regularly feature on the 2cv category within eBay. And that was why SPOG was there too, proudly promoting what our Club is trying to do in helping keep cars on the road.

Besides all the various photographs of SPOG parts on the Club’s display boards and the new Parts Company Banners flying high, the latter kindly arranged by Treasurer Mark, we had some actual items on display. However, as the Stand is free (Bone Fide Traders have to pay) we couldn’t sell anything and so will have to leave that until Registers’ Day. Indeed NEC Officialdom, in the form of Alison with clip-board in hand, inspected our stand and said we had the balance of our two companies about right. Well done Calvin.

Of top priority on our main display table was a Dyane rear end sub-assembly demonstrating the relevant SPOG Parts available (rear valance, boot floor and rear inner wings) all held tightly together with self-tapper screws. Also included was our latest panel, soon to appear, the ribbed upright section that goes ahead of the boot floor. All SPOG panels are copied from Citroen new old stock examples held in Archive Store at the Club’s Ruskington Unit. However we have tried to improve things with restoration in mind by adding various lips and folds so that old rusty panels can be removed with new ones easily slotted in. And by creating this sub-assembly we know all our panels fit properly together.

You may ask why the “white rose” Yorkshire Flag?? All our panels are made from quality Sheffield steel and are pressed in Castleford. Indeed there was talk during the NEC Show that SPOG should consider supplying this sub-assembly with everything suitably welded together. Now there’s a thought. It would certainly make restoration of a Dyane easier. Indeed why not when, on a different stand at the Show, a new 2cv complete right hand drive body-shell was being advertised for sale?

Finally, on the Sunday of the Show, two folk were wandering around collecting money for the local Children’s Hospice, a charity dear to my heart with our four year old grand-daughter suffering from the life limiting condition Spinal Muscular Atrophy. One nurse carried a bucket while the other was dressed as The Stig … or was it him/her?? Whatever, how could I possibly miss the photographic opportunity of The Stig driving a 2cv, thanks Simon for the loan of your car.

So The SPOG met The STIG and from what I’m told many coins were tossed into the bucket as a result. On the subject of charitable donations, may I offer my sincere thanks to all of you who have kindly put money towards the purchase of a new “all singing, all dancing” electric powered wheel-chair for Molly as featured on the “Just Giving” website. Particular mention here for the Aire Cooled Alley Cats whose raffle at the recent “Concrete Camp” in Llandudno raised a considerable sum for Molly’s future. And people wonder why I drive the cars that I do … brings a tear to the eye.

Quickly moving on with regard to LED head-lights for our cars, I recently took our ’81 square head-light drum brake 2cv to the MOT Tester with a warm white (motorcycle type) LED head-light fitted to one side, a cold white LED to the other. And not a relay in sight! The tester had no problem with either although obviously the car couldn’t go through the test with head-lights of different colour. The warm white example gives off a yellowy glow much like a Halogen bulb, whereas the cold white is bright white and my own personal preference. So I hastily swapped the warm white for a cold white LED and the Test began.

No problems with the head-lights, beam patterns for the LEDs were perfectly acceptable. However I was warned that they are most definitely bright and fellow motorists driving at night (and possibly the police) might not be impressed. So out I went in the dark to see “what’s what”. First … I can see much better than I could before on both full and dip beam. Hurrah! And when vehicles approached from the opposite direction with me on dip, there didn’t seem to be a problem. No antagonistic, aggressive flashing. So my cold white LEDs stay where they are until somebody tells me differently.

And finally concerning the 2cvGB PARTS Ltd web-site, sadly I could not make the announcement I had hoped for at the NEC. You will all get to see it one day … promise. But the timing is out of my control in view of the plan to initially allow access only to members via a link from the new 2cvGB web-site presently under construction.

David Eden.