2CVGB Parts (SPOG) supplying specialised, rare or obsolete 2CV parts

2CVGB SPOG (Spare Parts OrGanisation) was launched in 1994, with the aim:

To keep 2CVs where they belong – On the Road!

This aim has been extended from just 2CV parts to include all A-Series parts (including Dyane, Mehari, Ami, AK and Acadiane). In 2016, the club decided to make SPOG its own trading company and in May of that year 2CVGB Parts Ltd T/A SPOG (a wholly owned subsidiary of 2CVGB Ltd) was born.

The primary aim is to have 2CV parts (and other A-series parts) manufactured that are otherwise unavailable which would prevent A-series cars from being roadworthy plus:

  • SPOG supplies parts to assist with a potentially difficult procedure on an A-series
  • SPOG supplies parts to assist with the survival life of a particular component
  • SPOG considers remanufacture of parts when the parts presently available are not of an acceptable standard

If you are a member of the 2CVGB club then discounted prices are available to you. Not a 2CVGB member? Find out more at www.2CVGB.co.uk



2CVGB Spare Parts Organisation - SPOG for 2CV parts